Jack White Full Set Glastonbury 2014 Live on the Pyramid Stage

Please comment below on Jack White’s set at this years 2014 Glastonbury festival which threatened to be a washout but Jack White bought the sun out on this years festival and was probably the only act worth paying the exorbitant entrance fee to see. The only band in-keeping with Glastonbury’s tradition of alternative music unless of course you consider Lilly Allen and Metallica to be alternative music.. It’s sad to see an event that used to be looked forward to every year turn into a capitalist corporate event where the only interest is the financial exploitation of everyone on site. Now you pay top dollar for a tiny baby sized portion of food that wouldn’t sustain one of these corporate maggots for five minutes. Glastonbury used to attract people from all walks of life, now the only people that attend are those that can afford the insane price of tickets, so once where you used to see all kinds of people the only people you see there now are the middle and upper class twits who think they discovered and now own the place. Good working class people and those unfortunate to find themselves unemployed due to the current financial crisis in the UK due to British jobs all being sent overseas are financially excluded. Such a shame to see this once incredible event going the same way as any other corporate event. Everyone I know that used to go to Glastonbury as regular as clockwork come hell or high water now boycott the event disgusted at the headline acts such as Beyonce and alike in previous years. What do you think?