Digital Distro – A newborn initiative spitting up quality music on community radio! Plus Roundups and eBay sales! It’s Weird Canada’s July Nywsletter!

Digital Distro

Following the success of Wyrd Distro, Weird Canada wants to help artists distribute their music where they can be heard. The Digital Distro will blast out a curated stream of new Canadian music to campus and community radio stations.

Wyrd is delighted to be partnering with the NCRA (the National Campus and Community Radio Association!) to make this project happen. A large sector in Canada, campus and community radio gives artists from many genres an outlet which commercial radio does not. Creating this relationship ensures stations get high quality music and artists get a chance to be heard.

Digital Distro is in its infancy, sussing out what stations want from a digital distribution service, and seeking cold hard lizard funding. The potential, however, is nearly boundless, and could some day be a Canada-wide project which takes a leadership role in bringing smaller radio stations into the digital era.

There are plenty of ways to get involved with this project. If you’re in a band, stay tuned for more information in the coming months. If you work for or know about a community or campus radio station that may be interested in giving us input or suggestions, contact

Feature Round-up

Video: Moths & Locusts “Slumper”

Ever stumbled on footage of surgery on TV and said to yourself “this would be better if it was set to a psych-grunge soundtrack and occasionally overlaid with a neutral mask”? Then, your TV watching companion asked you what you meant by neutral mask and you compared the image in your mind to the flying masks in Super Mario Brothers 2? Well, you’re in luck! Slumper, a video by Moths and Locusts with visual effects by Kris Vieaux, is fired in the mystifying prose-kiln of Vancouverite-by-way-of-Saskatoonian Joshua Robinson.

Video: Man Made Hill – Constant Touching/Troll Jazz

The eternal and omnipresent Jesse Locke puts to words a video guaranteed to conjure a sexual awakening in someone, some day, who stumbles upon this video in or out of context. Maybe it will be the white gloves, white dress shirts, and khakis combo, maybe it will be using a wooden ladder as parallel bars, maybe many gloved hands touching a pale blue vase, maybe the smiling bearded man receiving fresh brewed coffee. All I’m saying is, something in this video is bound to connect the dots in someone’s erotic imagination. To that person, the universe has done you a rare favour.

Cameo: JFM on FM – Direct to Disc

In an ode to Canadian musician of legend, Nash the Slash, Jesse Frank Matthews (JFM) lets us in on an origin of his own source material. FM’s Direct to Disc is a part of his musical inheritance, reverence, and provenance. In a world full of influence and inspiration where it’s often difficult to pinpoint the gems in our foundational aggregate, JFM offers an estimable acknowledgement.

Ex Libris: Herd Magazine Issues 01-03

On literary Serengeti, Brian Fauteux raises an ear and an eye to a quarterly independent journal of cultural happenings in Ottawa. Herd Magazine, or Herdmag, is an attempt to discourage cultural ungulates from migrating to Canadian cultural Meccas by showing locals how much their own city, Ottawa, has to offer.

Ex Libris: Look Straight Ahead [Elaine M. Will]

Jordan Voith outlines a literary exploration of mental illness and recovery in Elaine Will’s Look Straight Ahead. Will’s work probes the possibility supported by lived reality of the healing power of art via character Jeremy Knowles in a fantastical yet accessible narrative.

Ex Libris: Do Not Resuscitate: The Marvelous Beauhunks [Stephen C. Wright]

For the scene-memoir lover, Alexandra Jaworiwsky highlights the autobiography of a less-well-known band that once held Toronto in the palm of its hand. Reliving the short life of a band you may have never heard of never sounded more appealing.

Lewis second album Romantic Times sells on eBay for $1,825.00 (USD)


Check out the INCLINEΔDECLINE Mixtape if you haven’t already or even if you have listen to it again!

This newsletter was put together by Liam Kennedy and Joshua Robinson with contributions from James Blake and Marie LeBlanc Flanagan.

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