Weird invades your airwaves as new lizard leadership takes over the music section! All that and more in Weird Canada’s November Nywsletter

Weird invades your airwaves as new lizard leadership takes over the music section! All that and more in Weird Canada’s November Nywsletter

“Creativity in all its facets should be inspirational, and as such should be absorbed, its subtleties appreciated, understood and then woven into the fabric of some other person’s creative vision.” – Nash the Slash

Meet Our New Music Editors!

Weird Canada’s New Canadiana section recently announced some exciting new changes.

Jesse Locke is stepping down from his position of Wyrd Music Editor to write a book about pioneering Hamilton rock weirdos Simply Saucer; and Adam Bradley is also stepping down from his position of Assistant Music Editor to work on some exciting new projects.

Jesse and Adam will both continue to write for Weird Canada, but will no longer be answering a thousand emails a day. May the reptilian horde refocus the crystalline energy from our 5D heart chakras to empower them in leading their new endeavours!

Please welcome our new Music Editorial Team, a group of four individuals who have been working together to manage the complicated and massive task of managing our music editorial board. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them:

Mailis Rodrigues

Mailis comes to Weird with extensive real world music experience. After completing her bachelor of arts in sound and image, she worked as a sound technician at the Lisbon-based ZBD club. From there, she got a PhD in computer music and has written for publications like Rua de Baixo and Jornal Pedal.

Mailis said she hopes editing with Weird will help her discover new music. Her love of writing, music and working with musicians inspired her to take on the editor position with Weird Canada.

Johnnie Regalado

Joining our army two years ago, Johnnie has been an essential lizard voice from the west coast. He spreads subliminal world government propaganda as the program director at CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria.

Johnnie said he’s excited to achieve world domination by streamlining workflow and managing content. He loves everything about Wyrd, especially working with its volunteers.

Joshua Robinson

Shoegaze aficionados will know Joshua from his work as Poler Bear, but devoted readers should also recognize his by-line after two years of writing for Weird Canada. Josh said that his work with bands and writers has encouraged him to go to grad school for journalism, adding that he hopes to foster that love of music and writing in Weird contributors.

“To be a part of Weird Canada fills me with such pride,” he said. “Seeing this community grow and watching the response from musicians and creators to expanse of the growth has all been very encouraging.”

Gabe Girard

As a musician, Gabe regularly plays musical Twister, with limbs in hard rock (Deliluh, Friend Club), folk (Katelyn Molgard) and jazz (the Gabe Girard Quintet). With Weird, Gabe tends to cover music from Toronto and his original hometown, Halifax.

Gabe joined up with Weird to support underground music across the country. “Supporting underprivileged and marginalized forms of music is one of the most important things a blog can do for Canada’s music scene,” he said. “The more independent music is supported, the more it will flower.”

Ottawa zine alert!

Weird Canada has teamed up with Ottawa arts and events zine Small Talk in an effort to bring you ALL THE JOY. The zine will publish Weird Canada content from Ottawa writers in each edition, ensuring you never have a free second away from us.The monthly zine contains local arts writing, listings, photos, comics and more. It appears, mysteriously yet consistently, at coffee shops and other haunts around Ottawa. Its alliance with Weird started in October, when the zine raised Alanna Yaraskavitch’s Cityscape piece on Ottawa from its digital slumbers like an informative Cthulu.

Small Talk co-editor Lesley Marshall says the partnership stemmed from a passion for local arts and a desire to promote local writers. Printing their work will give them exposure and a feeling of benevolent omnipotence, spreading their whims and thoughts through the city like miasma.

Weird co-founder Marie LeBlanc Flanagan says “We Weird Canadians are always delighted when our DIY friends want to bring ink and new light to Wyrd words or partner on content of mutual interest.” She pointed to similar partnerships with print and digital publications FERAL, Offerings and the National Music Centre as similar examples of Wyrd’s partnership love.

Sweet sounds came down on the Night/ShiftWho says you can’t soar before you crawl? Kitchener’s Night/Shift proved that, like rubbing your tummy and the top of your head, you can do both at the same time.

The all-night event on Nov. 1 featured a Balloon Room, a poetry slam, disruptive live film shoots and more across the downtown area. And you can bet Weird Canada was there, with performances from Lido Pimienta, Isla Craig, Petra Glynt and Moe Clark. All Night/Shift programming was absolutely free (but didn’t feature Absolutely Free. They were booked elsewhere in Waterloo. We were there too.)

Fun fact: Night/Shift was created by Eric Rumble, the mysterious documentarian behind LPWTF.

Absolutely Free at
On November 1st, Wyrd Distro went to Chainsaw for Marc Lecompte’s DIYDAY: an all-ages, pay what you can event mixed media event celebrating DIY culture in the tri-cities.DIYDAY held all kinds of magic, including an station for the local zine library, interactive activities, maker photos by Darin White (see above) and a performance from Absolutely Free.

We brought Wyrd Distro out for DIY day: dealing LPS, and CDRs and cassettes from DIY artists across Canada.

We even set up  a listening station, so people could sample the wyrd sounds. Pretend you were there? Come visit us at


“If You Got Ears” Wrap Up
Each Wednesday in October from 12 to 2, CKUT listeners got a weekly dose of Wyrd. Christina Bell and Rachel Weldon measured out new alchemical concoctions about Wyrd on venerable experimental mainstay If You Got Ears.

Topics included Wyrd’s beginnings, the Wyrd Distro, National Drone Day and the site’s How-To section. Guests included Marie LeBlanc Flanagan, Aaron Levin, Emily McQuarrie, Echo Beach’s Julie Matson and many more. Listen to the shows here.

weird canada - if u got ears

This newsletter was put together by Zoe Easton, Liam Kennedy and Matthew Blenkarn.

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Weird Canada editors images from Mailis Rodrigues, Joshua Robinson, Gabe Girard and Johnnie Regalado
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Lido Pimienta image from the Wavelength Music Series by Tiana Feng, courtesy of Ride the Tempo
DIYDAY images by Darin White
If You Got Ears photo by Louise Reimer, courtesy of Total Eclipse

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