Guerrilla Van Micro-Satan has taken over this radio show and possibly will do the same with your soul.
No cookies, no big corporation spying, just you and me!

A R Q U I T E C T U R A do R U Í D O

GMS´s Radio Show at Rádio Zero

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Arquitectura do Ruído is the radio program that Paulo Rodrigues started in 2011 at Rádio Zero

Only out of curiosity did Paulo open the tomb were Guerrilla Van Micro-Satan (aka GMS) was resting and the inevitable happend, it came out to be alive strangely trying to speak in Dutch / Nederlands.
So since October 2018, there has been a coup d'etat in the program and now it is led by GMS that incredibly and out of permission started calling it his own program. Since Paulo's goal was to show and to promote independent artists, the objectives of the monster are not entirely known, but there is a creed that somehow the same is it's goal but within the electronic, Synthwave and Darkwave scenes.
This intriguing character was imprisoned since 2003, before the release of two albuns of his creation, Fried brains feed the beast and You are not a robot you are a machine both archived on Jamendo platform.
Now he's back again and wants to continue his journey.

MUAHAH AHAHAH AHAH AHHHH, Ik kom binnen en ik wil je ZIEL brutaliseren, PAULO, je bent UIT !

Wees levend, sterk en gezond: buig voor de straf van onze mentor: de Vergulde Dame!